Our genuine leather products are made with heritage in mind and are crafted from the highest-quality leathers. We've chosen to name our leather lines to help you select the right finish for your products so you can love and care for them for years to come!

Heritage Leathers: structured, rugged, stands on its own 

The most genuine of all leathers, full grain hides retain all of the original texture and markings and are considered the hide's best, strongest and most durable layer. Products made with Heritage leather are thicker and generally more stiff in texture, ensuring products will last a lifetime and can be handed down to the next generation as a part of your family heritage. These leathers are tanned using an aniline dyed finish, which allows the beauty and character of the leather to shine through. Almost all of our products are available in these leathers!

Pioneer Leathers: supple, soft, does not stand on its own

With a distinctive natural wax finish, these full grain hides are full of character with an aged, rustic look. While still providing excellent structure, the Pioneer leathers are tanned using chromium salts giving it a soft, smooth and pliable feel. This leather perfectly compliments the softer design of the Paige bucket bag and our wallets

Pebble Leathers: soft, textured finished, does not stand on its own

Full grain Pebble leather hides have a raised and textured finish that is soft and silky to the touch. Scars and character marks are less visible on this type of leather. This leather is the ideal thickness and texture for our Essential Pouch and and Casey products!

Suede Leathers: napped finish, ultra soft and super flexible

Made from splitting the under portion of the hide, our durable Suede leather is sanded and buffed to a characteristic silky, soft texture. This leather is beautiful in our smaller accessories, like tassels and coin pouches!


All our leather suppliers do their best to responsibly and ethically source their materials, reduce their environmental impact and maintain sustainable business practices and principles. 

Our Heritage, Pebble and Suede Leathers are sourced exclusively through gold-rated tanneries, which is the highest score given by the Leather Working Group for environmental performance and sustainability. Some hides are tanned in the USA and some are imported from around the world!

Our Pioneer Leathers use the best environmentally sourced and legally sourced leather hides from Mexico.