Each leather hide we cut our products from is as unique as the animal it came from so shades of the hide will differ from one another.

As it ages, leather has a distinctive look, which makes it unique and full of personality. Every scratch and mark leaves a tactile story on the organic surface and helps tell your personal history.

How leather ages is entirely dependent on how it's treated and when handled with care, leather gets better with age. Leather wears in, not out.

While there's a lot of things you can do to maintain your leather items, there are also some natural processes that are unavoidable. Leather can lighten or darken under certain conditions, and the color may change from contact with exterior factors (such as skin oils, dirt, UV exposure, etc.). This process is also how items gain a precious patina, adding to the character of the product.

Keep your Heritage, Pioneer and Pebble leather items in the best shape by cleaning as needed and conditioning them at least once a year to prevent cracking. Here are the products we recommend using:

For Suede Leathers, conditioning is not needed but after cleaning, brush or rough up the suede surface so it returns to its original appearance and softness. Here is the cleaning product we recommend using: 

There is no need to worry about every scratch and mark, as most will go away with continued wear. And you can start using your items immediately, as there is no pretreatment necessary.

When not in use, store your leather items in breathable duster bags like these and maintain a constant level of humidity. 

If your leather items get wet, air dry them in a flat position for at least a day before storing. 

If you have questions about how to care for your item, please contact us at hello@1948leathercompany.com.