Meet our Leather Artisan, Paige!

I am blessed to have an incredible team working with me to make the 1948 genuine leather line a success! Today I'd like to introduce you to my amazing co-designer and leatherworker, Paige Moffatt. Paige has been integral in bringing my vision for these genuine leather bags to life, and is a talented craftsman with an eye for detail.
Get to know Paige!
1. What is your title/role with RSD?
My role at RSD is leatherworker and co-designer of the 1948 Leather line. 
2. Tell us a little about yourself.
I live in rural SD where I get to live my horse girl dream of turning an old barn into my dream house. 
3. What is your favorite part about working with genuine leather?
My favorite part is the smell and the feel. I have been around leather ever since I was a child. My grandpa and mom had a small tack repair shop in Southern MN where I would go there with my mom while she worked. 
4. Do you have a favorite 1948 bag style?
I do, however it hasn't been released yet. My favorite bag to make though is the Lauren. 
5. Favorite quote or scripture:
"You don't have to be perfect to be amazing."
6. Anything else you’d like to share?
While I was making some of the 1948 samples recently, I started to remember years ago that I was looking through the RSD website for a bag to use as a diaper bag. I remember it inspiring me to make a bag for myself out of leather at that time. What amazes me now is that I get to work with Rebekah on this new line years later! Being a part of 1948 Leather is something that I would have never thought in my wildest dreams would come my way.